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В.Г.Короленко "дети подземелья"сочинение на тему:тема любви,милосердия,доброты и


Ответы и объяснения

МИЛОСЕРДИЕ — ЭТО… (В. Г. Короленко. «Дети подземелья»)

Mercy is when you understand others, ког­да come to the rescue a necessary minute of them when го­тов to offer the benefit for the sake of the blessing of others.

Such is the protagonist of the story of Vasja. Пере­живший in six years terrible tragedy — loss of mother, deprived of the fatherly caress, given to itself, the boy, however, doesn't harden soul, and, на­оборот, becomes very sensitive to another's grief. Вася — the son of the known judge in a city. But it doesn't prevent to be on friendly terms to it with poor homeless children of a vault. Moreover, the boy values this друж­бой. Вася not simply plays with children, it like their problems and tries, than can, help обездо­ленным. Each time, secretly coming to the thrown chapel, the boy brings to friends apples from the garden, and sometimes and other delicacies.

And an episode with a doll — unless it not display мило­сердия extremely. Knowing, as values a doll, по­даренной once mum, its younger little sister the Sleepyhead, nevertheless asks the girl to borrow Vasja for a while иг­рушку to the patient dying Maruse. Вася hopes that the toy will a little amuse the sad I Attract.

Feeling sorry for poor Marusju, the boy is ready to take out лю­бые punishments, if only to the girl it became better. »«Ýто±¼Ò it also couldn't take away in time a doll though clouds over it were already condensed. On a question of the father where a doll, VaYosja is silent. And after all this silence gets to it very hardly. The boy for what wouldn't like to deceive the father. The deceit is not in its rules. Vasja бо­ится is simple that truth will worsen and without that heavy положе­ние the deprived and will take away last in жиз­ни pleasure from dying Marusi.

Mercy is shown also by father Vasi in relation to Tyburtsiju. As the judge, father Vasi could inform on Tyburtsie of police. But проникшись sympathy for its destiny, having estimated noble aspiration of the tramp засту­питься for Vasju, the judge doesn't do it. Moreover, he asks, that Tyburtsy took from it money.

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