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Помогите составить рассказ на англиском языке срочно про гостинную комнату!!!!


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We live in a large beautiful house.
But there is one room which is very loved by all family. It is our living room.
She is adopted so not by chance - exactly we host here, conduct family reunions and mark holidays. But not only a room is notable these. All our family likes to gather here, to talk, listen music, look television. In the middle rooms,, there are a large soft sofa and two deep arm-chairs. So pleasantly, taking a seat on a sofa, to have a drink the cup of fragrant tea with pastries and rolls, which always are in our house!

And when after a window coldly and rainy, I very like to settle down in an arm-chair, wrapped in warm plaid, and to read a favourite book or look an interesting film. Our dad recently bought new columns to television, with them looking films is far better and interesting - as though in the cinema. This impression is from by volume стереозвука. So I already revised all cassettes which are in our house again. The impression is quite unforgettable!



Named because it is no accident - it is here that we receive visitors, conduct family meetings, and celebrate holidays. But not only this remarkable room. Our whole family loves to gather here to talk, listen to music, watch TV. Middle of the room opposite the fireplace, made old-style, is a large sofa and two recliners. It is so nice, sitting on the couch, drink a cup of fragrant tea and cakes and pastries that are always there in our house! And when the window is cold and rainy, and I (and not just me) love to get in the chair, wrapped in a warm blanket, and read a favorite book or watching an interesting movie. Our dad recently bought a new TV speakers to watch movies with them much better and more interesting - as if in a movie theater. This impression is due to volumetric stereo. So I re-reviewed all the tapes that we have in the house. Impression - completely unforgettable!

Living room - indeed, living room, because its contribution to the arrangement made each of us. All equipment - modern and stylish - bought the pope, he is the best versed in these things. Therefore, a TV and VCR, and stereo system are chosen according to his taste. And my grandfather - he's a master of all trades - has made the cute-shelf cabinet for cassettes and CDs, to be honest, before they have been in disarray, although in a special drawer.

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