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Say the same differently.Use the new words.

Example: Jenny buys all the interesting postcards she can find. It is her hobby. Jenny collects postcards

1)John spends a lot of time learning geography. 2)These two countries have very good contacts.3) The science that studies how living things live in relation to each other and their environment is one of the most important sciences nowadays. 4) These days people work a lot on computers. 5) People should think a lot about the surroundings in whish they live. 6) Mr Robinson decided to put a high wall around the castle.7) Why is it important for children to eat good food?

8)What is the number of people who live in London?

9) Julia has got a lot of good books at home.

10) I`d like to ask you some questions.


Ответы и объяснения


1) John learns a lot OR is doing his homework.

2) relationship of these 2 countries is good

3) Biology studies organisms and their vital activity, nature in general and their relationship between them

4) working on PC - is the most "popular" job of many people.

5)it makes us think, when we see people harming the environment, or just doing bad stuff.

6)Mr.Robinson thought that putting a high wall around the castle is a good idea.

7) why is it necessary to eat useful food for children?

8)How many people live in LOndon?

9)Julia collects books OR Julia has library with lots of books at home.

10)could you answer some of my questions?

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