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Нам по английскому задали написать сочинение на тему что для тебя значат олимпийские


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Hello, dear Yelena Isinbayeva!
I enjoy the sport, as the high jump with a pole. I often watch your performance on TV. Must tell you that you are very well jump in height. I am very glad that you agree to participate in all Olympic Games! I believe that the Olympic Games is a great way for athletes to achieve the highest results, and to win prestigious awards. I am very glad that you have set 19 world records! And all the records, you bet on the Olympics. At the Olympic Games in Beijing, you have set a new world record, thereby bypassed 10 strongest competitors. I think the Olympics is an important part of life of an athlete. I found out that 10 years have you been doing gymnastics, and then, however, began to jump in the height of the pole vault. Sorry for the indiscreet question, why are you still away from the world of gymnastics?
For me personally, the Olympic Games mean a lot ... Firstly, only the Olympic Games, we can see the athletes involved in different sports, all collected in one place. Second, at the Olympic Games present the very best athletes. Third, only the Olympic Games, we can see athletes from around the world.
I also think that these athletes have achieved much in his career, and came to the Olympic Games to win the best prizes. Olympics for athletes mean a lot! Some even, Olympic games, this is the purpose for which they are going forward, for which they are doing the impossible, for the sake of which go to all ... Olympics is a very good incentive to be in the form of ... However, to get to the Olympics, it is necessary to achieve much in his sporting life .. Not enough to be, strong, and yet you have to be smart ...
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