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Очень срочно!!!Нужен рассказ,легенда или миф на английском языке!Помогите



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Hercules, in Greek mythology, the hero, a demigod, a hero, the son of Zeus and a mortal woman Alcmene (wife of Amphitryon). In the absence of Amphitryon (who fought against the tribes teleboev) Zeus, taking his face, came to Alkmene; lasted until their wedding night, the sun for three days did not rise above the ground. After the return of her husband gave birth to both sons Alkmena - Ifikla from her husband and Herakles from Zeus. On a day when Hercules had to be born, Zeus vowed in a meeting of the gods, that baby of his descendants, who will be born on this day will reign over Mycenae and neighboring nations. But the jealous Hera delayed the birth of Alcmene and hastened to two months labor Nikippy - wife of the Mycenaean king Sfenela, and on this day a son Sfenela, grandson and great-grandson of Perseus of Zeus Eurystheus, who, in accordance with reckless oath of Zeus got the power over the Peloponnese (Hom. II. XIX 95 - 133).


                       Legend about a Loch Ness monster
Since far times people saw a Loch Ness monster on the river Lohness. Someone does not trust in it, and someone proves that it is the truth. In newspapers some times printed article about this phenomenon. The monster reminds a huge dinosaur with an oblong neck. Anybody entirely this animal did not see. Everyone who comes on lake Lohness wishes to see own eyes it.

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