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помогите пожалуйста.. очень срочно.. сочинение по английскому языку мое отношение к граффити. 6-8



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Graffiti - images, pictures or inscriptions scratched, written or drawn in ink or paint on the walls and other surfaces. By the graffiti include any form of street painting walls, where you can find everything from simple written words to exquisite drawings.

In historical science, the term was used long ago, but in a narrower sense. When it comes to ancient epigraphic monuments, and then share the notion of "graffiti" and "dipinti." If the latter denotes the inscriptions are painted "graffiti" - scratched inscription (the term itself comes from the Italian verb graffiare - «scratch").

At present, widely used spray-art, ie painting graffiti with spray paint.


graffitii-its a kind of art.But when i see some children drawing on the walls of the building i think thats bad.Some people say that its like a kind of crime.But for me graffiti its quite okay.I will open some schools in which people can study this art and also can draw but not on the buildings.I think it will be another place.This little pictures can make your country colourful and beautifull!

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