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Winter very good season. In the street all white-is white, the nature as if has stood in expectation of a miracle. And the miracle is a holiday New year! To celebrate New year to us home there came visitors. It was cheerful! After have punched hours 12, I with the friend have gone out of doors. We played snowballs, went for a drive from a hill and lit Bengal fires. Coming home, we with the friend, were as if snowmen. We didn't sleep till the morning and all time had fun. Next day visitors have parted, but the celebratory mood remains.
Winter vacation very much was pleasant to me, I have had a good time: walked in the street much, skated, visited the grandmother. But I not only played and had fun. On vacation I was engaged in a karate and have passed examination on 6 кю, now at me the green belt, still went on Republican competitions which passed in settlement Raevka. And as I went to be engaged in linguistic academy in English language.

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