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проект по английскому языку тема "If I were the Minister of Transport" ПЛИЗ ОЧ НАДО;)


Ответы и объяснения


If I were the Minister of Transport of England I wouldnt be really sad because situation in our country is quite good. Not as, for example, in Moscow with its overloaded roads. But there are still some unsolved problems left. The first and probably most serious problem is a quality of roads in some parts of England. Of course the repairing of all these roads would take a plenty of money but I think that its worth it. This project would also have a big plus giving many jobs for the locals. I would also increase a size of a penalties for driving drunk. This reform has two good sides. First if it helps it will be perfect anyway. Second if it wont help, well, at least money will get to the right hands. I would also try to reduce an amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. I would do more co-called "Days without cars" and would cooperate with engineers about inventing a hydrogen fuel. And the final thing I would do is the enjoying of a huge salary.Всё))))надёюсь помогло))удачки...))

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