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Написать письмо Task 19. This an extract from your pen-friend`s postcard: …I’m having a busy time at the moment as I have to write lots of Christmas cards

to all my friends and relatives. Do you celebrate Christmas in Russia? What holidays are celebrated in your country? What is your favourite holiday? How do you celebrate it? Well, I’d better go now. I’ve got to help mum with cooking. I can’t wait to hear from you. Lots of love, Jackie Write back to Jackie. In your letter – answer her questions about Russian holidays – ask 3 questions about British holidays Write 100–140 words. Remember the rules of letter writing

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Dear Jackie,

Thanks for your last letter!
On the topic of holidays in Russia, I can tell you that Christmas is not as popular in Russia as it is in Britain. Instead, we celebrate New Year's Eve more fervently here.

Is it true that you celebrate Christmas on December 25th? Here we celebrate it on the January 7th. It is traditionally celebrated by religious believers, whereas I heard that in Britain people of all faiths and even atheists celebrate Christmas too. Am I right?

My favourite holiday is New Year's Eve, as we put up a fir tree and have a big meal on this day and meet up with friends or relatives.

Other holidays we celebrate include Women's Day, Men's Day and Victory Day. We also celebrate the start of Spring for one whole week and we call this time 'Maslenitsa'. What do you call the day when you celebrate the beginning of lent by making pancakes?

Write back soon,


(its more than 140 words, 140 words is such a small amountm, its ridiculous!!)

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