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your school magazine has asked for articles discussing the advantages and disadvantages of keeping

animals in zoos. write your article.

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The advantages and the disadvantages of keeping animals in zoos.

To begin with today wild animals suffer from many different negative features, that is why many species of them are kept in zoos. But is it good for animals to live in such limited conditions?

First of all people keep wild animals in zoos just to save them from merciless killing. For example, there are some kinds of hawks which are very rare today. That means a lot of poachers want to get rich by selling them. Secondly, people take care of animals, feed them, while in wild life they have to find food themselves. That is one of the advantages of zoos. In addition, living in zoos gives a real opportunity to animals to be protected from other animals. To be more exactly, do not have to defend their territory, to fight against their enemies, to be afraid of a sudden atack. Their life in zoos rather peaceful.

Apart from pluses of keeping animals in zoos, there are some minuses of it. Firstly, zoos are public places, that is why a lot of visitors bother animals. people take photos whith them, feed them, even anger them. All these things whithout doubt affect the animals` life negatively. Moreover, wild animals have no enough space in the cage both to run and jump. Their life is not so meaningful and interesting comparing with life in forests, steppes or jungles. The worst thing about keeping animals in zoos from my point of view is that they can loose their natural instincts and then they become dapendent on people. If we send wild animals back to wild life it will be very difficult for them to survive and what is more there is a little chance to stay alive for a long time.

On the whole, keeping wild animals in zoos is a good opportunity to save them for other generations, however zoos make wild animals rather domestic and tame, that is not so good for them. All in all I think it would be better to make more natural reserves than zoos, because they have much more in common with the wild life.

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