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сочинение можно (небольшое) на тему "Деньги", помогите пожалуйсто!!!


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On earth lives a few billion people. They can be divided by skin color, nationality, habits and mental abilities. On the ground, like the people there are no genetically, everyone - it's "knot" a characteristic appearance, habits, character, behavior, social circle. But people can be divided into two categories: romance and pragmatism. This two completely different types of people who, in my opinion, are incompatible with each other.

Romance - these are people who live in their own separate "small world" seeing all of starry-eyed and unaware of reality. This is - capable of dreamers in the most desperate things. I think that the Romantics have something in common with the optimists. After all, they always hope for the best, do not despair and do not lose heart in difficult situations. Not paying attention to little things in life, they are always cheerful and cheerful. They are able to "flood" the world of his love for all living things: flowers, animals, each time seeing the dawn, they always find for myself it is something new, something beautiful that is not seen before. Romance in his own children. After all, every child out into the streets, notices every little detail, for example, a full-blown flower in the yard, newly hatched chicks that adults are immersed in everyday life, can not see.

Pragmatics - the antithesis romantics. These people really see life with all its "pros" and "outs." Able to soberly assess the situation and make spontaneous decisions, which may eventually be negatively affected. They always calculate all the details, and specific in their actions and desires. These are people whose life is planned as a diagram in the first place career, establishing himself as a person. On the second - the family, and the third - dreams. If such people get into unexpected situations - start to panic and despair, because their lives and actions are so primitive. Such people tend to take serious and responsible positions that can not be said about the Romantics. Romance usually do creative work or take up positions requiring great imagination.

But no matter what, and pragmatists and romantics have the right to place under the sun. Without the romantic world would be duller, paler, and shared only on a black and white.

Romance make you think of pragmatists that dawn - it's not just the beginning of a new day, but the ideal combination of colors, a special state of nature and man. A sense of what is now before your eyes is born a new day. At the same time pragmatic constantly "pulls" the Romantics, and help them to feel the ground under our feet, periodically remove them, "rose-colored glasses." They are two halves of one whole, and together create something perfect, like a Japanese Yin and Yang. Which can not be alone.

Myself I can not be attributed either to one or the other category. Because I'm still totally dependent upon their parents. But I think it is very hard romantics live in this harsh world. The brutal reality of their "ate" would be. But pragmatists easier to learn, they feel "like a fish in water." I think the ideal would be to borrow any character traits the Romantics and pragmatists. It would be a perfect person.

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