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1) what things could make some living space more attractive?

2) how could living spaces in the neighbourhood be improved?
3) how do work spaces improve the neighbourhood?

4) what negative affects do they have?

5) how could work spaces in the neighbourhood be improved?

6) are there enough spaces for wildlife?

7) how can we help wild animals survive in the neighbourhood?

8) are there enough recreation spaces in the neighbourhood?

9) if not. what can we do to create more?


Ответы и объяснения

  • pani
  • новичок

1.great design ! and using the beutifull colors on it!

2.neighbourhood have to be desighnd cosily nothing have to distorb any one!

3.they can not they are two diffrent things that have to be setueted in two diffrent and not near to each other places!

4.they make the nighberhood not make us feel not comfortable !

5.i dont know! but mybe some day some one feign it out!

6.of course not in a life of modern people unfortunatly willife doesnt mean any thing special!

7.the nuture do that for us !animals can not even live in 4 miles to us .

8.it shouldnt be ! becouse the recreation spaces have to be far from the neihberhood!

9.we should  not even try to do that!

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