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Помогите написать сочинение эссе на тему"Куда бы я поехал отдыхать???"


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   If I had the opportunity, I would like to visit Norway. Norway is one of my favorite countries, so I'm sure I'll enjoy my trip.

   As far as you know Norway is situated in Northern Europe (the Western part of Scandinavia). A large area of the country is beyond the Arctic Circle, that's why the weather is really cold there.

   Landscapes in Norway are amazing. Have you ever seen Norwegian fjords?  Norwegian fjords can be considered as the world's top tourist attraction. Also I would like to visit the North cape. The North cape is the northernmost point of Europe. It's situated at the place where the Norwegian sea, part of the Atlantic ocean, meets the Barents sea, part of the Arctic ocean. You can reach the North cape by  road through the very long underground tunnel, named the North Cape Tunnel. There are exhibitions in the underground tunnel about the North Cape's long history as a destination for travellers. There is also a vast selection of items to choose from in the exciting souvenir and gift shop.

   Also Norway is well known for its fairy tales about trolls. Trolls are fantastic creatures living in the woods. There is a famous mountain road in Norway called the Troll's path (Trollstigen).

   Well, I think that's all I wanted to tell you about the place I would like to visit. I really hope to see it with my own eyes.

П.С. а сколько слов должно быть? какие критерии? и куда бы Вы хотели поехать? (а то я всё про себя написала) sorry for my poor English abilities xD 


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