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Люди спасите срочно нужно текст про иду на англиском10предложений... спасите*


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My favourite food. Healthy eating

All food is made up of nutrients which our bodies use. There are different kinds of nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, fats» vitamins and minerals. Different foods contain different nutrients.

First of all I do not eat animal meat at all. I prefer fish and other sea products. So in the morning I usually have some cottage cheese with kefir, then I have tea with two butterbroads. At dinner I have vegetable soup, a salad and fried fish. I do not have desserts, but only tea with lemon and sugar. For supper I have just a salad and then I eat fruit.

For some food is a source of pleasure, for others - a source of energy. For me food – is a pleasant source of energy. To my mind healthy food should be quite simple. I eat complicated dishes only in restaurants. My daily meals consist of the same dishes every day.

The best way is to get into the habit of checking the ingredients and nutritional value on the sides of packets although this isn't always easy to do. Another thing to know is, for example, that we do need fat to live, it's an essential part of our diet and physically we couldn't exist without it.

The food we eat, depends on lots of things. Taste is a big factor. Culture, religion and health also play a part in what food we eat. Advertising and social factors also have a big influence.

So I love all kinds of milk products, especially kefir, cheese. I prefer cheeses from Russia and Germany. I like different kinds of salads, dressed with olive oil or sour cream. I also love all kinds of potato dishes. I usually drink down food with natural juices or kvass.

Well, of course, on weekends I want to try a new dish. If I have free time, I try to invent a new salad or find an interesting recipe. On weekends I let myself have good red dry wine. Well, many doctors say that red wine in reasonable quantities is very good for health.

I do not buy in shops ready or semi-manufactured food products, because this is unhealthy. It is better to spend some time cooking, than to have problems with overweight and heart.

Income is also an important factor.

Finally, there are three main messages to follow for healthy eating:
First, we should eat less fat, particularly saturated fat.
Secondly, we are to cut down on sugar and salt.
Thirdly, we must eat more fresh fruit and vegetables

Also I prefer to have tea with bitter chocolate or home-made jams. As I do not change my daily dishes, I very seldom have stomach problems. Actually I think that the simpler food is, the better is its taste.

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