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Different people like doing different things because their tastes differ. So people have different hobbies. “A hobby” is something that people usually do to get pleasure or to relax and to spend free time.

Usually people choose as a hobby something that they really like doing. Something for their character and their taste. You will never do something as a hobby if you don’t like it. If you have an interesting hobby your life becomes more interesting, of course.

Most people chose something “to do” as a hobby - doing means something active from traveling to taking pictures, from table tennis to football. Others choose something “to make”. Making things includes knitting, sewing, handicrafts, painting, drawing.

“Collecting things” is another popular pastime. People collect different things like books, toys, car models, plane models, coins, CD’s. There are more serious collectors of expensive paintings, rare things or art objects. Such hobbies are for rich people. We can often see such private collections in museums, art galleries or libraries.

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