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When i was a kid, my father and my mother bought me a two- wheeled bike - a real, green color, with black wheels. He at once i really liked. At first i rode on it with small wheels on the rear wheel, not to fall, but it slowly, and i all were. A year later, in the following summer, dad took off wheels and taught me to ride on two wheels. However many times i fell, yet learned on the bike to keep the balance, but now i know how to drive fast and even steer one hand. Now i quietly 'm getting ahead of the pope, when he runs away from me. I can for 30 seconds to circle around The ice palace. In the past year i 'm on my bike took part in the competitions at the city stadium, and took the second place among the boys. I even the instrument was given a prize. But in general, i summer love for the fact that in the summer, you can ride a bike. We with the guys from our yard going often to race around the ice palace. AND still i like to ride a bicycle through the puddles. I love my bike and i can ride on it though the entire day. Of all the toys i most of all i love my bike.

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