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Yet before last summer I didn't have an idea where I can spend coolly my spring vacation.

But the last summer holiday that I just spent was extremely interesting and fascinating. It's held on the first of September. I and my eight friends, all pupils of high school # 35, traveled to Almaty. We visited many well-known places such as: Tamgaly Tas, Issyk Kurgan, Medeo, Alatau mountain, Turgen waterfall. These places gave me so many memories.


At first, we were off at 6 a.m. and visited Tamgaly Tas. This place is a historic place of first people, ancestors of Kazakh nation. We heard many emotional stories about them and about the this place such as: the history of ancient kazakh people, how they developed workmanship and art. I was very surprised when I saw stony pictures of people of bronze and iron periods. There were so many beutiful and unusual pictures describing and depicting animals. After that we visited other places that I mentioned before. And I liked them too. And finally I was impressed by the magic sound of sand on Issyk Kurgan.

I liked my summer holiday so much. That's why I decided to come to Almaty again for this spring vacation.

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