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Прочитайте 6 высказываний. Установите соответствие между каждым высказыванием 1—6 и утверждениями, данными в списке A—G. Используйте каждую букву,

обозначающую утверждение, только один раз. В задании есть одно лишнее утверждение. Занесите свои ответы в таблицу.

A the speaker thinks that Christmas pudding is prepared four weeks before Christmas

B the speaker comes to the conclusion that some old Christmas traditions have changed

C the speaker's associations with Christmas are long preparations for its celebrations and presents

D the speaker is sure that Christmas in his country is not connected with great celebrations

E the speaker thinks that Christmas is usually a time for beach picnics

F the speaker that decorating Christmas trees became popular in Germany

G the speaker is confident that there are two Christmases in his country

Speaker 1

On the night of Christmas Eve, Russian people go to Church for the Christmas Mass, and then go home. Not much celebrating takes place, rather off to bed, and then up in the morning and straight to church for the Christmas day Liturgy. After church people will go to one of the relatives so that the family can all be together. Here, the family gives gifts, and has Christmas lunch — the main meal of Christmas.

Speaker 2

I usually start thinking about Christmas at late October time. All my family and friends think I'm strange because I think about it so early but say that they would be worried if I didn't! On Christmas Eve, Mum starts preparing the dinner for tomorrow and we wrap up the last of our gifts to put under the tree. My Granny will come and help us prepare for tomorrow which is very helpful. I help with the last minute jobs and go to sleep at about 11 or 12. I'll wake up at about 7.30. Then we all open our presents together.

Speaker 3

As I watch people rushing around the West End of London, preparing for the holiday, I wonder what Christmas was like in England when it lasted for twelve days. We make a fuss about turkey and ham now — think what a fuss we would have made about all that food and drink for two weeks feasting! And think how fat you must have felt at the end of it all!

Speaker 4

Christmas would start with my mother making the Christmas cake, early November if 1 remember right. It had to sit a few weeks before we iced it. It would smell so good. Then it would be letter writing time to Father Christmas, but the best was to sit on Father Christmas's lap and tell him what we wanted, and hope we'd been good enough that year so he'd come.

Speaker 5

Christmas in Australia takes place in the heat of summer since the country is located in the Southern Hemisphere. Many Australians still look to their British roots at this special time of the year and a traditional Christmas meal usually includes a turkey dinner, sometimes with ham. Some Australians and particularly tourists have their Christmas dinner on a local beach. Other families enjoy their day on a picnic. If they are at home, the day may be punctuated by swimming in the pool, playing cricket in the backyard, and other outdoor activities beneath swaying palms.

Speaker 6

Since Christmas occurs in summer, New Zealanders do not have a tradition of snow and ice. That, however, doesn't stop Santa who still visits the cities and towns while dressed in his red and white outfit. Because so many people from the Northern Hemisphere now live in New Zealand, it has become the tradition to have two Christmases, one on the 25th of December and the other in July, which is mid-winter.


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1 - D.

2 - C.

3 - B.

4 - A.

5 - E.

6 - G.

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