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Написать простенькую ситуацию о отце. Мини-рассказ. Не используйте translat'еры, пожалуйста


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I like my Dad, and he loves me as well. There are a lot of reasons to the proof of this statement. I should also mention my family. They love so much, and so do I. But Dad loves me much more than anybody else. Whatever happens to me my Dad always is in a hurry to support me. He gives me a hand of help, lifts me up, listens carefully and acts in the way of problem decision. If I need advice, he gives it to me. If I need something material he helps me again. That’s why he’s the best father in the world. And that’s not only my opinion. My Mom and relatives think in the same way. When I was a junior pupil of high-school, he always assisted me in doing hometask by maths because that was the only subject that I had some difficulties with. At present, I don't need any help with algebra or geometry, but my Dad often comes to me and asks if I need his help. I love him so much! He's the best father in the world, I must say.


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