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Wanted Vulpecula eat honey. All she caruncle one eats, and sweet-then and there.

- Go to - he says - the bees, perhaps, pohozyaynichat.

Came to the apiary, so yes it is a hive of udobnenko before sat down and put my leg back to get Medcom. And the bees did not like: how they fly out of the hive as a fox attack! .. Oh, how she would rush from the apiary! Runs, only turns the nose so the bees complains.

- Oh, my God! what honey Honey and bees Well what bitter!

Ran home. The whole face was swollen, lies. Lay-lay, thought and thought, and honey so anxious.

- I'll go - he says - to bear. I'll ask him to live in his honey a lot. Comes.

- Brer Bear, and what I tell you? And he only hums. A fox:

- Do not urchi you so scared, brother bear, but I still scared ... Let's live together, I'll be your hostess for.

- Come on! - Said the bear. So they began to live together.

The bear will go to production, will govyadinki - and yourself enough and chanterelles. And all of the honey like.

- Go let go, old man, an apiary, bring honey! Nothing to do, bring honey bear, two whole hive fetched.

- Here, - he says - one that we may eat, and the other for the winter hide.

Spruce-fir and after a while all the honey and eaten. The other hive was hidden in the attic. Bear in no hurry, and very much want Vulpecula. Thought and thought, how would it eat from the second hive. Would have gone, but the bear immediately ask - why so much. Here she is, and knock-knock tail on the wall. Bear asked:

- What's that knocking?

- Yes it is knocking, I was invited to the godfathers.

- Come and go, while I sleep.

She went straight to the attic, and besides, the hive, and ate as they wanted. Then he returned. Bear woke up:

- Well, as your godson named?

- Yes Pochinochkom.

- What a wonderful name!

- Yeah, what a priest gave. What is there to wonderful!

- Well, well.

Again the next day and is a knock-knock on the wall of the tail.

Bear asked:

- What is the knocking?

- Yes, it's my godfathers invited.

- Well, go, and I'll sleep. She went back to the hive, and there was little left. Returns, and the bear woke up and asked:

- Well, as your godson named?

- Yes middle. A bear:

- Here are the Well at your godchildren all wonderful names! A fox:

- What are you, old man, come up with? How can that be wonderful, if there is a saint Sereda.

- Maybe it's true, - said Bear. On the third day, again it is a knock-knock and a tail on the wall. A bear:

- Who knocks so knocking?

- Yes, it's my name Kum.

- Oh, how often you call godfathers! - Said the bear.

- Uh, man, because I love the people something.

- Well, go!

Went, ate all the honey, and even hives overturned and licked.

Then he ran, fell and lay. Bear asked:

- Well, as your godson name?

- But how? Turn yes lick.

- On-off, but that name is also in the world did not happen! - What are you, starichina, invent? You pop did you know?

- Well, let it be on your way!

That's a little later the bear and said:

- And so it is time to eat and Medcom! Climbed up to the attic, and empty hive.

- Fox-sister, is that you ate?

- No, not me!

- No, you!

- Yes, that I may not live for yesterday, if I ate!

- Liar, foxy, you're not baptized godchildren, and honey-do list. Now I'll eat you!

And to her, and she of him in the woods, and ran away.


Fox - one of the most popular children's fairy tales characters. But how fabulous image endowed trait common to these animals in real life. Fox is beautiful: lush tail is a little less than half the length of the body, a red coat and roguish catarrhine muzzle with beautiful brown eyes. Besides fox trim and neat, her elongated body and slender legs, and the size of a small dog it: it weighs 10.6 kilogrammov.Lisu also called the red, and this is indeed the case, only the stomach in her white, gray or a little brown, and the breast bright. The back and sides are painted in different parts in different ways: from bright red to gray. In the northern forests of fire-red fox and more, in the forest-steppe - a yellowish-gray and less. Sivodushki, Krestovki fox - Red Fox is a deviation from the normal color. The most beautiful black-brown fur: the guard hairs with white tops make the fur silver hue. These foxes many years ago started breeding on fur farms, black-brown fox in nature are very hard redko.Letny fox fur and short, in which she looks leaner, and even big-leggy, he is a fox less than winter. And the autumn winter fur grows - a beautiful, dense. Fox molts once a year - vesnoy.Lisits can be seen in the tundra, forests, plains, mountains, swamps, and where no man has gone before, and in the rural outskirts.

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