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Сочинение на тему здоровая пища плиз

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Deansimpala67 ответила

Among the good habits, habits of behavior which constitute a healthy lifestyle, one of the main is organization of proper nutrition.
It is very important to choose the right foods. Healthy and balanced diet is useful for everyone. The food is our fuel, and very important is it good or bad. Different types of food contain different nutrients to the organism.
Healthy food it is really very important part of our lives. Many people don't understand that natural food is better than fast food and etc. Natural food don't has conservants and harmful additives, it makes us full of energy. Healthy food is a source of vitamins and minerals that promote the growth and health. While the unhealthy food is poorly digested by organism and carries the bad consequences. So healthy food is better than unhealthy food.

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